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My shit at your butts comes close to perfection!

The two girls want to play - but the third one wants to be nasty instead! She has a very dirty surprise for them: Her shit! She lowers her black latex skirt and spreads her asshole - and then a long shit sausage comes out of it! While she is shitting the other girls touch and smack her butt! After her stomach is empty and all shit landed on the ground the two girls take it - and smear it on their own butts! Dirty lesbian scat action!


Livia likes to play with her shit - Part 3

Livia is back - and her shit too of course! Because of her already shit covered body she thinks about a place without so much shit. Where can she put in the whole shit...? Of course - in her mouth! She licks her shit and mixes it with lot of her spit so it becomes even liquid after a while. And while doing so she also puts more and more shit on her face until it is completely brown...!


Scat fun is the best fun - Part 1

Cherry and Tima are two gorgeous teens! They are soo sexy! And they like to fuck each other! To start to like it they lick each others pussies. Soon they are very wet - and some pee also leaves her pussy! Who can resist...!? Not her girlfriend! So she starts to drink as much as possible of the golden liquid! She likes it so much that she will be rewarded with some shit too! They spread it all over their bodies and also start to kiss each others shit covered mouths...!


I want to drink your pee!

Maria and Monique are two sexy lesbians. They are soo horny that they start to kiss and suck their breasts. It's a good thing that they are already naked - so they can start touching and licking each other everywhere! But then one of them has to pee - and so her girlfriend has to knee down in front her and open her mouth. First it seems that she cannot pee - but then...!


Shit atop the plate, bitch!

The girls are so cruel! Her girlfriend has to shit but they don't allow her to go to the toilet! She has to shit at a plate instead. She still hesitates so the girls want to help her: They offer her to put their hands below her ass and to catch all their shit! This way no shit lands on the plate! But what to do now with so much shit...? Completely cover the body of the shy girl with it of course! And then lick it away again...!

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